Disassemble And Reassemble Furniture For Easier Transportation

For transportation, but also doors, patio doors or hallways: dismantling your furniture (and therefore, reassembling it) may be a must when moving. But beware! Be sure to follow some good practices, so you do not have any bad surprises when you settle down.

Why Dismantle His Furniture?

The reasons to dismantle your furniture when you move are many. The most obvious reason is the passage of doors, windows, hallways, and stairs. Rather than trying to go into force or with many maneuvers, it is better to lose a few minutes! Disassembly also makes transportation safer, especially if you rent a moving truck. Disassembled, a shelf a little wobbly will be less likely to suffer fatal shocks during the trip. Finally, disassembly is also a good option if you plan to store your furniture for a certain period, for example, in a movable guard. This will save you space and maximize space.

If it is tedious, the dismantling of a piece of furniture may ultimately prove a time saver: less hassle for moving and transport during the move, less risk of breakage of the furniture (and therefore long day in the central commercial to buy one) and space used in the case of prolonged storage.

Dismantling Furniture: Our Advice

Before disassembling your furniture, memorize its structure. Take out your smartphone or camera, and take it from every angle; even make a commented video if you can: a piece of furniture always looks simple when installed, but once disassembled, its elements can all look alike and give you cold sweats. Take care to store the screws, bolts, dowels, and tools used for disassembly in a sealed envelope that you will tape to the furniture or keep in an accessible carton during your move. Write in pencil the name of each item on it (front right door, shelf two bottom, etc.) and finally, do not forget to protect your furniture, even disassembled, during transport!