perfect curtains and blinds in Adelaide

There is a seemingly limitless variety of options available to you when it comes to the purchase and installation of curtains and blinds in Adelaide in your house. Do you like thick curtains to keep out the cold, gauzy sheers to let in the light, or utilitarian blinds to keep out the prying eyes of strangers?

Even after you’ve found the perfect curtains and blinds in Adelaide¬†and taken it home, you still have to figure out how to install it. Following a guide and avoiding some of the most frequent errors that are made by house decorators may make the whole process a lot easier, which is good news.

In order to create an ideal appearance the first time, it’s important to know precisely where and how to set the curtain rod, and to measure before you go shopping. In this piece, we’ll go over some of the most typical blunders people make when it comes to choosing, manufacturing, and installing curtains and blinds in Adelaide.

Not Going for a Big Size

To the best of your ability, try to go higher and broader than the window. This will make the window seem bigger than it really is, making it appear more spacious. As a bonus, a larger curtain will enable the curtain to be hung on the wall rather than the window, allowing for maximum daylight and reducing light drift at night.

If your windows or doors are near the ceiling, check out a ceiling fixing rod or track. Curtains and blinds in Adelaide should be hung at a height that is appropriate to the room’s height, if you have high ceilings. Consult a skilled decorator if you’re not sure how high to go.

Skimping on Fabric

It’s important to constantly make sure that your curtains and blinds in Adelaide are fully drawn, particularly for more traditional-looking homes. Although various types of headings call for varying quantities of fabric, a good rule of thumb is that curtains should be around two to two and a half times the width of the pole or track. In spite of this, several current styles of curtains and blinds in Adelaide include a more open layout.

Going Short

The bottom of curtains and blinds in Adelaide should be able to touch the floor. In this situation, you should never use drapes that reach the sill; instead, choose to use blinds. Curtains and blinds in Adelaide that extend higher than one centimeter over the floor are known as the “Harry Highpants” of the curtain world; to put it another way, they do not have a nice appearance.

It’s okay to have a few puddles here and there. In addition to that, it permits mobility inside the cloth. Depending on the temperature and humidity, curtains may get shorter or longer.

Giving Aesthetics Priority Over Practicality

Curtains and blinds in Adelaide are more than simply decorative accents; in addition to their aesthetic value, they serve very important and functional purposes

Even though sheer curtains in the bedroom are appealing, you may want to use a light-clocking roller blind instead, and then drape a sheer curtain over the top. Consider using thicker fabrics, like velvet, that may aid with insulation if you have an older house that has windows that let in a lot of draughts.

Using Non-Washable Materials

Before you go out and purchase new curtains and blinds in Adelaide, you should think about how simple it will be to clean and maintain the fabric. A curtain that can only be dry cleaned will need a bit more time and money to maintain, but one that can be washed in a machine will make keeping it clean a breeze. Grab a lint roller and use it to dust the curtains in between washings as a helpful hint.