buy bongs

If you’ve wanted to buy bongs, and you’re unsure about making that switch from traditional blunts, then this article is for you. Yes, we are here to give you enough reasons to buy one. These devices have been here for a long time. They date as far back as the time of the Red Indians. 

Many civilizations have had histories of using different types. Although they didn’t need to buy bongs, they made them. They used anything they could lay their hands on, from bamboo to tree trunks. If Red Coyote of the Cherokee tribe used bongs, we don’t know why you don’t want to give it a try. Well, enough of the history lessons now. Here are three highly recommended reasons you should buy a bong.

  • Get Great Hits When You Buy Bongs

Yeah, everyone who has used these fantastic devices has testified to the goodness of their hits. They usually give a cleaner bang than a blunt. 

The device eliminates that harsh, hot brunt of smoke from hitting the insides of your neck. If you ask me, that’s already enough reason for anyone to buy bongs. 

New tokers don’t have to go through any depressing learning curve when using them. The water will automatically make the stream of smoke less brutal. This makes for a safer and better experience.

In addition, you get a bigger dose of the substance at once when you use this device. The inhaling cylinders are larger, and you get a better hit than a regular blunt. 

  • Filtered To Taste 

Another reason you should purchase these devices is that they have cleaner filtration. When you use a blunt to smoke, you release carcinogens. 

Carcinogens are substances that increase your chances of getting cancer. They’re bad for your health, and it is best to avoid them as much as possible. 

If you buy bongs from the right channel, they are filtered out during the drag. The smoke from the substance is sucked into the pipes and passes through the water. This water filters the smoke, leaving it cleaner and cooler. 

On top of that, water can be flavoured to pass a sweet taste into the smoke as it moves through it. 

  • Clean Drags, No Lags

woman using a bong

You don’t need to worry about moulds or bacteria anymore when you buy bongs. The water does all the work for you. It will trap mould, bacteria, and dirt from the smoke that you’d probably inhale if you were using a traditional blunt.

Another thing is that we might want to pass blunts around. This means a broader exposure to other bacteria or mould. When you use a bong, this reduces the unwanted direction.

We advise that you change the water between smoke sessions to keep it as clean as possible. 

We’ve done enough research to know that every toker should buy bongs. This article is just us trying to prove it to you beyond any doubt. 

You know we want what’s best for you. So, in conclusion, if you want to get the best smoking experience, buy bongs.